How do I optimize my internet for the best television viewing experience?

Your TV’s proximity to your router can have a huge impact. If possible, move your router closer to your TV or vice versa.

TIP: If you are in the same room as your Wi-Fi router, we suggest selecting the 5GHz channel. If your router is located in a different room, we recommend selecting the 2.4GHz channel.

If you are experiencing lag or buffering, you can try doing the following steps to improve your experience:

Offload unused devices

With the invention of smart home devices, you may have tools that are using the internet in the background even if you’re not actively on them. Tip: Try turning off devices like an Amazon Echo or Google Home for periods when you don’t need them.

Use the HDMI extender

If you opted out of using the HDMI extender when you initially installed NorthWaveTV, refer back to the video or printed guide for set-up instructions as it can improve WiFi performance.

Manage your streams

If possible, manage the number of people in your household that are streaming at the same time (example: watching movies and playing online video games).

Adjust playback settings

If someone in your household is streaming Netflix during the game, you can adjust the playback settings which could improve the NorthWaveTV streaming experience.