What is NorthWaveTV?

NorthWaveTV is a service known as IPTV that broadcasts television over the internet.

IPTV is a type of service known to be more reliable than other television boxes and is less expensive than your standard cable TV subscription. With NorthWaveTV, you'll find endless television shows, movies, and entertainment. As a new IPTV service provider, you can expect high-quality Canadian content and a robust base package with a great selection of channels.

What are some advantages to NorthWaveTV?

  • One device - experience endless entertainment opportunities using NorthWaveTV on the same device as other favourite apps
  • One bill - with our new TV offering, you can finally move your TV subscription over and combine your services into one transaction
  • Multiple connected devices (Up to 5 per household)
  • Lightning fast enhanced program guide for quick navigation of channels
  • Competitive quantity and quality channel offerings
  • Cloud digital video recording including multiple simultaneous recordings
  • Flexible coverage area
  • Reputable service and neighbour-approved customer care