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Once you have chosen WaveDirect by scheduling an installation, a site inspection will be completed by our technician on the day of installation. The technician will determine if there is a clear line of sight from your roof top to one of our towers. There is no charge for the site inspection.


For regular installations, we offer our clients a 30 day, money back guarantee. After that, we will do whatever we can to troubleshoot your situation.For free trial installations, you have 30 days UNLIMITED data to try our internet before you pay. This free trial is in place of the 30 day, money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the free trial, then we will uninstall our equipment at no charge to you. If a technical issue arises once you have signed up with our services, we will do whatever we can to troubleshoot your situation.If you terminate your signed contract, you will either be required to pay the amount of the monthly price of your Service Plan multiplied by the months of the remaining contract term or $450.00; whichever is less OR you may transfer your contract to another party (both parties must sign an Early Contract Termination/ Transfer Form and provide the necessary information). If you are not in a contract, and wish to cancel your services, please contact our office and speak to a representative before your next billing date. If you call to cancel on your billing date, you will have to pay for the current billing period.

All cancellation requests must be made verbally to a representative. Requests left on voicemail and/or sent by e-mail will not be accepted.

Payment / Installation fees

For regular installations, payment for the installation fee, one time only administration fee and pro-rated monthly service fee must be made by cheque or cash on the day of installation. Extra purchases such as routers, extra cable, etc. may also apply.For free trial installations, payment for the installation fee, one time only administration fee and pro-rated monthly service fee will be due once you have signed up. Your first payment will be due on your assigned monthly billing date.Regular monthly payments can be made via Pre-Authorized Debit (most popular choice), cheque or online banking. In order to pay on-line, you must bank with the following: TD, BMO, Scotia, RBC, CIBC, President’s Choice and certain Credit Unions.

Late Payment

If your payment is not received by the due date stated on your invoice, your account is considered past due. If payment is still not received within 30 days of your billing date, your service will be interrupted and a Network Reconnection Fee will be applied to your account. To reinstate your services you must make your payment in full. Please contact our office or log on to your online portal to find out what your account balance is.


If service is unsatisfactory within 30 days of installation, we offer a full refund. If service is unsatisfactory on a free trial, please contact our technical support team.

Termination of Service

WaveDirect reserves the right to immediately terminate your contract and remove their equipment at any time due to a default in payment and/or breach of any WaveDirect terms and conditions.You may switch monthly service plans at any time unless you are “Seasonal” or in a contract. If you are in a contract, you may only switch between the Home Standard Plan, Home Ultra Plan, Home Entertainment Plan or one of our Business Plans.


Those who rent are required to obtain WaveDirect’s landlord permission form which needs to be completed and signed by the landlord. Upon sign up, 1 year terms are available. 2 and 3 year contract terms are not available to renters.

Switching Monthly Plans

You may switch your monthly service plan at any time by speaking to a WaveDirect sales representative. Restrictions may apply.


Subscribers have the option to purchase a broadband router with a 30 day replacement warranty from WaveDirect. Once purchased, the router becomes the property and responsibility of the subscriber. After the 30 days, the subscriber must contact the router’s manufacturer for service.The property of WaveDirect includes: POE (Ethernet Injector), power supply, dishes, brackets, mountings, tripods and radios.WaveDirect reserves the right to remove any equipment installed on your property at any time. We reserve the right to discontinue your service and remove any equipment that is on the roof or attached to the house and/or other buildings. We will not enter the home unless we receive consent from the owner. We will plug any holes we created during the installation on the roof with caulking or other materials. By signing the contract, as a subscriber, you agree to these terms.

Under special circumstances, subscribers may have the option to purchase a broadband router with a 30 day replacement warranty from WaveDirect. Once purchased, the router becomes the property and responsibility of the subscriber. After the 30 days, the subscriber must contact the router’s manufacturer for service.


Those who purchase a Residential Service Plan will be placed in a queue and served on a first come first serve basis. Those who purchase a Business Service Plan will receive priority service within that queue. Clients with Residential Service Plans may need to be rescheduled in the event that a business subscriber is down. We trust that you will appreciate and understand the importance of keeping a business up and running as they service our community.


Bandwidth is defined as the rate at which data is transferred (measured in bits). When you subscribe to a package, your hardware (and software) will be programmed to perform at the subscribed speed. In some cases, we allow more bandwidth when it is available. That amount of bandwidth will be received when spectrum and bandwidth is available on the access point. Although there are limitations to the hardware, the medium (airwaves) and the method of transfer, we try our best to make sure that people are getting the speed that they purchased. The customer has to be aware of the fact that we are using an uncontrollable medium where many factors, such as radio interference, can affect the bandwidth. For example: line of sight, tree growth or even a cordless phone in a neighbouring home can interfere with wireless signals. Signals can also be affected when competitors change their frequencies. Since wireless is a tricky way to transfer data at a consistent speed, your mileage will vary depending on the conditions. We do not guarantee you will always get your subscribed speeds.

Dedicated Bandwidth

For businesses, it is possible to surpass all the pooled bandwidth that is used for residential services by purchasing raw bandwidth. This option is expensive because the only limit imposed on this service is the speed of the Internet outside of our network. We have several ways to deliver the raw bandwidth to your company’s premises. Please call for a quote if you have a higher than normal bandwidth requirement.


In order to offer a fair service to everyone, it is the industry standard to throttle particular customers when they are abusing a network. However, we don’t want to throttle everyone just because a few of our subscribers are dominating the resources. Wireless equipment that is used to provide High Speed Internet for residences and businesses is designed for moderate use. Even though all ISP’s allow 24/7 usage of the network, none allow 24/7 excessive usage. Using the maximum amount of bandwidth 24/7 is considered using raw bandwidth which forces WaveDirect to purchase more at a very high cost. This will in turn force us to raise prices. Using raw bandwidth will cost anywhere from $150-$250 per MB. Therefore, we are forced to throttle abusive accounts.Most ISP’s, whether DSL, Cable or wireless broadband providers, such as WaveDirect, will send the bandwidth “hog” a bill or simply disconnect him/her. This is why it is now common for bit-caps to be imposed upon users who are excessively abusing the privilege of their High Speed Internet Service or to slow down a service after a certain threshold has been reached.For those who require an above normal amount of bandwidth for purposes of running servers, hosting, excessive downloading of videos and music etc., we do offer alternatives with less restrictions. Give WaveDirect a call to discuss point to point connections as well as other alternatives. It may require a different equipment setup at your home or business and may require off site server hosting. Regardless of the design, we can offer a solution to suit your needs. There is only a limited public spectrum to be used when it comes to wireless Internet. If one person uses a large chunk of it constantly, it will hurt other people who are trying to use it casually. Therefore, people who abuse the service will have their speeds lowered until they comply.

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