Trusted By Your Neighbours.

Here are a few reasons 9 in 10 customers recommend us to their friends and family, in their own words.

① We’re actually here for you.

We've served the local area for more than 18 years, growing primarily through word of mouth referrals from home owners and businesses.

Why? At WaveDirect, "you're not just a number". Neighbours describe us as being proactive, consistent and are excited about the new investments we are making in technology, service and communicating better.

We love our whole neighbourhood - we serve folks in the city, like Windsor, Tecumseh, Lakeshore, Essex, Chatham, Amherstburg and incredible rural areas of Essex County and Chatham-Kent. Here's a map.

② We've done it the hard way.

Being one of the first to build our own connection towers to serve affordable wireless internet to the rural community taught us hundreds of lessons that we carry into how we do things.

For example, we experience first-hand the effect weather and other factors can have on service quality, our team, our equipment and our subscribers. In the end, this insight enables us to provide a richer support experience because we understand what goes on behind the scenes.

③ We're going further.

You'll now see us going further. We'll still continue to invest in rural services, but we're also digging more, climbing higher and adding more levels of service and products, using our experience to do it smarter.

And it also means adding other ways we can connect people.

More regions can get cable Internet from WaveDirect. We're also bringing fibre to more places too.

④ They stay for the service.

“WaveDirect has been the most consistent and reliable rural internet out of three providers that we’ve used.” - Mitch from Comber
“I have always had a positive experience with WaveDirect. Prompt response and problem solving every time.” - Donnie from Amherstburg
“WaveDirect has taken a very proactive approach to customer service and has definitely gone the extra mile for us! I would recommend WaveDirect to anyone.” - David from Kingsville

In our recent survey to the neighbours that we serve, over a thousand responses came back loud and clear:

9 in 10 said they'd recommend us to their friends and family, but they also wanted more from us - more services, new products, and more ways to communicate with us. They also asked us to keep our level of service as we grow.

⑤ We take service to new heights.

18 years ago, we saw that residential rural homes did not have quality access to the internet, at a price people could afford. The same desire to solve this has developed into an enthusiasm to stay local, offer white-glove service, and be relentlessly focused on the experience.

For some, we're their lifeline to the world outside. We're the way they are able to work, go to school, or run their business. That's a weighty responsibility.

But our goal is to never lose our desire to keep connecting. As we grow, we'll need to get closer, not more distant. That's what our neighbours are saying is important to them.

To keep getting better, it means starting each day with a passion to invest, innovate and build communities. It means testing. And optimizing.

We’re proud to be Essex County's largest locally operated internet provider specializing in rural connectivity and we’re eager to expand our technology in more places across Ontario.

As we do this, we'll be bringing the same things that people love about our boutique level of service to more residents and businesses.

It's no surprise that the last year or so has been challenging.

Connectivity has never been more important. But it also means that the level of customer service you get from your local internet provider has also never been more important.

For those that want to be known, to be remembered, and to have a helpful experience from their neighbours, they choose WaveDirect.

We sincerely hope that you’ll put your trust in us too, and allow us to keep earning that trust just like we've done with thousands who have been with us for more than 10 years.

It's these human connections that matter the most to us, because only together can we take "service" to new heights.

Your neighbour, always,
- The WaveDirect team