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Here are a few instructional documents to help you with common “home networking” questions. The first step to take when there’s a problem with your Internet is to restart your radio and router. Occasionally, these two devices need to be rebooted for various reasons such as unconditioned power, interference and other issues. Once your equipment has been rebooted, the problem is usually solved.

Restarting Devices on your Network

From time to time, your internet radio may get disassociated with our towers which requires them to be rebooted. If your Internet is down, the first thing you can try to do it reboot your radio.

Rural Internet System Infographic

Restarting your Radio

Find the cable that enters the building / home from your radio. Inside the home there should be a small white or grey box. In some instances it will be a rectangular black box with ethernet cables plugged into it. Below are examples of the different types of boxes.These boxes are known as POE’s (Power over Ethernet). These boxes supply the power to the radio.You will need to unplug the black cable going into a power supply for 5 seconds and then plug it back in. If this measure does not work, you will also need to reboot your ROUTER. PLEASE NOTE: There are dozens of router manufacturers all with different configurations and cases. All of them are powered by DC adapters. To reboot your ROUTER you will need to follow a similar procedure. Find the little black cable providing power to the router and unplug it for 5 seconds.


Restart your Router

If rebooting your radio and your router does not fix your internet connection problems, try rebooting your computer. If you are still having problems with your internet, please call our Tech Support at 519.737.9283. Here is an example of a Dlink Router:

How To Reboot Your Router

Find your Gateway / Log into Your Router

Step by step instructions for finding your gateway and logging into your router on Windows XP, Vista and 7. If you have an XBOX, PS3 or Wii, you may encounter difficulties playing online games. Routers act as a natural firewall and block incoming ports. Many games and services require some open ports on your router which can get confusing. To make this easier for people to understand, they created Universal Plug and Play or UPNP. If you enable UPNP on your router, it will automatically open and close ports as needed and will improve your gaming experience.


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