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Our sales team has been working hard to find ways to save our customers on their monthly invoices as internet usage has risen dramatically over the last couple years. Services like Netflix, Apple Music, Android Boxes and many others have become extremely popular and the amount of bandwidth used up on these services has grown exponentially.

This usage has increased the number of overages incurred by our customers which in turn has increased their monthly invoice. In September of 2015, we lowered our overage rates by 50% down from $1.50 to $0.75 per GB to help decrease the cost to our clients of exceeding monthly bit caps overage fee penalties. These overage penalty fees are to encourage people to stay within their bit cap.

If you look at our packages, you will see they generally go up by 25 GB increments from package to package with a $10 increase in package price. That means the base price per GB is $0.40 (how much we charge per GIG) .40cents x 25Gigs = $10 bucks. We would like to do away with any overage fees what so ever, but we currently still need a deterrent for some users who can’t stay with in normal data usage which can overload the network causing everyone slower speeds.

Our next step in reducing your monthly internet cost is to remove the penalty associated with overages altogether by offering what we have called our “Surf Rate”. The new Surf Rate will replace our residential overage fee of $0.75 and reduce it to $0.40 per GB or down to the base price per GB.

With this change, effective August 1, 2016, we will also be removing all of our additional GB packages and replacing them with the current packages offered with the Surf Rate.

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