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Ditching Cable: The Best Way to Stream Live TV

  It turns out the revolution is not only being televised but television itself is the revolution. People are severing their connections to cable and satellite TV at record rates. Nearly half a million customers became cord cutters in the fourth quart...
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4 Must-Know Tips for Finding Internet in Rural Texas

  Over 3.5 billion people around the world have access to the internet today. A number that is steadily growing year over year.   The more people that get online the more important having access to the internet becomes. This is true whether you're l...
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How to Solve the Most Common Internet Connection Problems

  IT Support is big business. Globally, it costs businesses and individuals over US $150 billion. That's why it's always nice when you can do it yourself.   If you're having Internet connection problems, chances are it's an easy fix. You could be up...
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10 Smart Home Devices (That Need Great Internet Connections!)

Without a great internet connection, smart home devices are sadly just... home devices.     However, if you do have a great internet connection, smart home devices can transform the way you go about your life.   In this post we're going to take ...
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Why You Need the Fastest Broadband Speeds in 2018

  We've all been there: struggling with internet that moves like molasses. This not-so-sweet situation may make you want to throw your computer out the window. But not so fast: What you really need to do is to start looking for the fastest broadband s...
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Rural Broadband Options for Remote Texas Areas

There's nothing more annoying than a slow internet connection.   If you live in a small town or city in rural Texas you'll be familiar with this common problem.     Areas like Denver City, Hobbs, Seagraves and Seminole are some spots where the 2...
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