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How to Get Faster WiFi For Rural Internet Users in Ontario

Ultimate Guide to Setting Up your WiFi Router in your Home   Wireless tech should feel like that time in the late 90s when cell phones started to exist but the kitchen phone with the really long cord still got play. You shouldn't feel te...
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Fixed Wireless Internet - Rural Internet Without Satellites

Something called fixed wireless internet is gaining a lot of popularity with homeowners and ISPs alike due to its applications for reliable rural internet.     WISPs (Wireless Internet Service Providers) are different from other ...
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What is Fixed Wireless Internet and How Does It Compare to Satellite?

  In 2019, so far, 65% of Americans used broadband to access the internet. Only 4% are connected by satellite. Broadband includes fixed wireless internet. In 2014, Canadians used fixed wireless in rural areas as it was one of the only methods t...
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How to Pick the Best Internet Service Provider for a Home Office

  Recent research shows that 52% of workers globally now telecommute at least one day a week.   It's not surprising then that today's home office can be pretty sophisticated--with a nice desk, a high-end chair, and of course ...
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Your Comprehensive Guide to Quick and Easy Amazon Fire Stick Setup

  Online content streaming services might soon render paid cable obsolete. A marketing study from 2018 estimated 33 million Americans to cancel their cable service in favor of online streaming.     With 150 subscribers, i...
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The Best Roku Channels to Install on Your Box Today

  So, you've got your Roku. Now, what do you do with it?     After you set up your Roku streaming stick, the next step is to download Roku channels so you can start watching TV and films. But with so many options on t...

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