The Benefits of Switching to an IPTV Service

The ways we broadcast and observe television programming have evolved over time.

Do you remember when you had to adjust the antenna on your roof or television rabbit ears to get a decent signal and watch your favourite shows? Those times have passed as newer ways of showcasing media have swept the market and changed television consumption altogether.

While satellite and cable have traditionally been the primary delivery methods for television viewing, there is also another way of transmitting a TV service that has emerged in recent years.

This method is known as IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television.

What is IPTV and how does it work?

Simply defined, IPTV is televised content that is delivered over your internet connection.

How it works is a digital television signal is transmitted to a device or application that decodes it and presents it to your television. Because the signal is transmitted continuously over Internet Protocol (IP), it can be paused or re-wound, enhancing the experience for the end-user.

IPTV also gives customers access to the same content typically showcased by traditional broadcast services – including local television, sports and on-demand content.

How is IPTV different from conventional TV?

Traditional television services we know and love use many different delivery methods, from over-the-air antennas, to copper line cable connections, and fibre and satellite receivers.

All of these more traditional methods of broadcasting face their own set of challenges, from things like physical obstacles obstructing signals (ex. buildings), higher monthly expenses for consumers, and requiring users to have multiple pieces of equipment to power the service.

IPTV gives you the flexibility to view your content over the internet, which means there’s limited equipment and resources required to run the TV service. IPTV services typically function through an app and streaming device, which plugs into the back of your television, saving you from extensive cable runs in your home.

What affects IPTV performance?

  • Your Internet Connection
  • Your Network
  • Your Application or Device

How do I get IPTV in my area?

We’re excited to finally introduce a local IPTV service to WaveDirect internet customers. NorthWaveTV is now available for all WaveDirect fibre and fibre-fed cable customers, with restrictions on the wireless sector.

What do you get? – It’s live TV, built better.

View our full package selections and get started with NorthWaveTV today! Fill out your address at the top of this page to see which packages are available for your home. 👆

After you submit your contact information to our team, one of our client experience advisors will reach out to you as soon as possible to get started!

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