What is Fibre Internet?

If you are looking for a reliable internet option in Ontario, then you may have stumbled across WaveDirect’s fibre internet. What is fibre internet? Here’s what you need to know.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to many people suddenly working and learning from home. This not only led to a lot of people needing to set up home office spaces. It also led to more people needing faster and more reliable internet.

In this shift to a work from home model, many people ended up upgrading their internet services to fibre. But what is fibre internet and why is it a good option for you?

Even without the pandemic, the number of internet devices people use every day can get overwhelming for normal cable or fixed wireless internet. Without reliable internet, it can be impossible to get schoolwork or even professional jobs done, and fibre provides a stronger internet option.

Let’s walk you through everything you need to know about fibre internet so you can be confident that it’s the right choice for your home and family.

What Is Fibre Internet?

Fibre internet is the latest innovation in internet technology. It does not use copper wires as cable internet does. Instead, it uses lasers and light signals to deliver information to and from your computer.

These lights function as your computer’s binary code to bring you the information that you’re looking for. This can be delivered to your home or your entire neighbourhood.

Why You Need It

If you’re looking for a new internet provider, then you might be considering fibre internet services in your search. It has a lot of benefits for everyone, but what makes it any better than cable or satellite internet?


The first reason fibre internet is better is its speed. This is going to be important if you like to download and upload a lot of music or videos.

On regular cable internet, it can take more than five minutes to download a full two-hour movie. If you have fibre internet, then that same download could be reduced to less than a minute.

A big problem with cable internet is that its upload speeds are slower than its download speeds. This is not a problem that fibre internet has. This is good news for content creators such as podcasters, musicians, and video editors because they can put their materials online without needing to wait for a long time.


The second reason is reliability. There’s nothing more frustrating than having your internet randomly slow down or shut down on you. It always seems to happen when you’re in the middle of something important.

Fibre internet has statistically less downtime than any other internet option on the market. This kind of reliability means that you should never have to worry about your internet going out on you.

Another part of what makes fibre so reliable is its low attenuation. This refers to the fact that internet signals tend to get weaker the further you are from an internet node and provider. It’s why it’s so difficult to get broadband services out to isolated mountain regions.

Because this rate is so much lower than cable internet’s, it means that distance should never be an issue. Even if you live in one of those isolated mountain areas, you should be able to get fast, reliable internet.

It also is much less likely to have problems with network congestion. It was not long ago where two people in the same house couldn’t be on the internet at the same time. Today, it’s more important than ever to be able to run many devices on the internet at once.

In some cases, cable internet still can’t keep up with this demand. Fibre internet can handle a lot more requests at once without compromising its speed.


Finally, the most important reason why you need fibre internet is the price. Fibre internet services tend to be much cheaper than cable services. In some cases, you could be spending half as much money on your internet bill every month with fibre.

This affordability is the biggest reason most people switch to fibre internet. This is good news for large families and businesses who might need a lot of bandwidth on a budget.

Why would you pay for a service that’s less reliable and more expensive? By switching to fibre, you can save money and get better internet speeds and reliability.

Who Can Get It?

Unfortunately, fibre internet services are not as widely available to the public as cable internet is yet. But the good news is that its availability is expanding every day.

If you live in Kingsville, Ontario then you might be able to get WaveDirect’s fibre internet services right now. WaveDirect has been dedicated to getting high-speed and reliable internet to Ontario’s rural communities in Essex County and Chatham-Kent since its inception over seventeen years ago. That’s why we’re ready to bring fibre internet services to you and your family right now.

So if you thought that you weren’t able to get fibre internet where you live, then you might consider double-checking that. Your neighbourhood might just be able to get it today.

Get Fibre Internet Today

So what is fibre internet? It’s the better internet of the future!

If you’re looking for a better internet solution, then you need a fibre internet company you can trust to give you the service you deserve. That’s why you should trust WaveDirect with your home’s internet.

We have the most reliable service in Essex County and we’re dedicated to providing the best fibre internet in both city and rural areas. Our support team is available six days a week to answer your questions and concerns every day. So go ahead and check out our plans and see how we can help you today.

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